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Rajsamand Lake Udaipur

Rajsamand or Rajsamudra Lake is a 17th century construction, about km from Udaipur. Maharaja Raj Singh I had it built by constructing a dam on river Gomti. Constructed as a relief project, it is the oldest known such work in Rajasthan and cost nearly 4 million rupees at that time. A huge and awe-inspiring lake, it has a circumference of 7.5 km and a depth of 18 metres. in spite of its massive size, the lake has been known to disappear during droughts.

The lake has a massive white stone embankment, 183 m. long and 12 m. high, with terraces of large marble and stone steps that lead down to the water's edge at Kankroli on its southern end. These are known as Nauchowki or Nine Pavilions. The marble steps and ornamental arches were commissioned by Princess Charumati, from another branch of the Sisodia family, to show her gratitude to Maharana Raj Singh I, who married her to prevent her marriage to Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

The lakeside also has 27 stone slabs known as Raj Prahasti that were carved in 17th century and mention the history of Mewar in a verse of 1017 stanzas - the longest Sanskrit inscription known in India. Five toranas or weighing arches were the place for an event called Tuladan: in this tradition, the ruler was weighed in gold and silver and the equivalent value was distributed among the subjects.

Kankroli has a temple dedicated to Dwarakadhish, one of the seven forms of Lord Krishna and is an important religious site. The temple sits atop a small hill and has an excellent view of the pristine lake.

Rajsamand lies on the way to Kumbalgarh, famous for its Fort and sanctuary. It is a great destination to take a pleasant break and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of this place through a boat ride.

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