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Urs Galiyakot Fair Udaipur

Urs at Galiyakot Rajasthan is of Significance to Dawoodi Bohras. Galiyakot Urs is Held on 27th Day of Moharram.

Location: Dungarpur, Rajasthan

When: 27th day of Moharram

Rajasthan – Dungarpur – Galiyakot – Urs

Urs at Galiyakot in the Dungarpur district of Rajasthan is of significance for Dawoodi Bohras, a sect of the Ismaili Shia Muslims. They gather at Galiyakot for pilgrimage (ziyarat) in the memory of the revered saint, Sayyed Fakhruddin. The followers of the saint come from the States of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan in India and also from abroad.

The devotees come to seek blessings and have their wishes fulfilled. This is called ‘mannat’. They come again for thanksgiving on being granted the boon of their wishes. The tomb of the Saint is decorated with flowers and lit up with lamps before the commencement of the ceremonies. The Urs is initiated with mass prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran that are led by the Dai-UI-Mutlaq, the religious head of the community. A devotional gathering called 'majlommencement of the ceremonies. The Urs is initiated with mass prayers and recitation of the Holy Quranis' is held to sing songs in praise of the saint. Offerings made at the shrine include sweets, fruits, coconut and jaggery.

The Urs at Galiyakot is accessed from Dungarpur. The nearest rail head is Dahod, on the Delhi-Mumbai route. The 96 kms distance from Dahod to Galiyakot can be covered by bus. Another route is from Ratlam that is 144 kms away. A bus service also connects the village to Udaipur at a distance of 160 kms.

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