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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Sanctuary Is An Essential Part Of The Rajasthan Wildlife Tour Since It Is Located In The Aravali Mountain Range, Is A Restricted Area And An Eco Tourism Zone.

Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan

When: Through Out The Year

Attractions: Eco tourism, rich flora, animals like Grey Jungle Fowl, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Sambar, Chinkara, Langur

Mount Abu sanctuary is located in Mount Abu Rajasthan. The town itself is the only hill station in Rajasthan, being situated in the Aravali mountain range, one of the oldest in the world. The area covered by the Mount Abu sanctuary is nearly 288 sq km.

Eco-Tourism Zone

Justifying its eco tourism tag, Mount Abu Sanctuary is a restricted area and rich in bio-diversity. The flora here ranges from xenomorphic sub-tropical thorn forests to sub-tropical evergreen forests. Nearly 112 plant families with 449 genera and 820 species find a home here. Among these, 663 species are dicots and 157 species are monocots.

The kacchar, Kaionda, champa, mango, roses, phaludra, khajur, and jasmine blossoming on the granite rocks are a sight to behold. This sanctuary is also a greta destination for bird lovers.

Mount Abu is also the only place in Rajasthan that grows a range of orchids. Medicinal and herbal plants, bryophytes and algae, three species of wild roses and 16 species of feras including some very rare ones are found here. 81 species of trees, 89 species of shrubs, 28 species of climbers and 17 species of tuberous plants add to the joy of plant lovers.

Animal Life

Langoor, Indian Civet, Hyena,Wild Boar, Sambhar, Pangolin, Porcupine, Jungle Cat, and Hedge hog are some of the animals here. Early lions and tigers also roamed these forests. Tigers have now vanished while the lions have been moved to Gir Sanctuary in neighboring Gujarat. Leopards are still sighted here.

More Reasons To Visit

As Mount Abu is also a charming hill station and a pilgrimage centre for both Jains and Hindus, the sanctuary is just one of the reasons to visit here for a lovely holiday.

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