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Wonders of Rajasthan

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Handicrafts of Rajasthan

Information On The Handicrafts Of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Paintings, Rajasthan Furniture, Crafts Of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Metal Crafts, Rajasthan Blue Pottery, Rajasthan Marble And Where To Buy.

Rajasthan Art And Handicrafts Shopping

Shop in Rajasthan and beautify your home with memorabilia from the centuries old royal culture. The sheer range and variety of crafts in Rajasthan is mind boggling. Patronised by royalty, arts and crafts have flourished here for centuries. Rajasthan also has been a trade hub and has been exporting its wares for a long long time.

Rajasthan is a microcosm of India. Even though Rajasthan is a desert state, its landscape has wide variety, ranging from the Aravali mountains to lush forests and several lakes. Temples and palaces that rise out of the sand dunes like mirages, culture that reflects the impact of Rajput, Mughal and British rule and the peaceful coexistence of several religions; all these are visible in the rich tradition of art and handicrafts in Rajasthan. Ultimately, Rajasthan is a shopper's paradise.

Shopping For Rajasthan Paintings

Miniature paintings show scenes from mythology, and from the history of the region. Udaipur and Jaipur are famous for the brush strokes of their miniature style of paintings. Depiction of battle and hunt scenes form the narrative of miniature paintings originating from Kota and Bundi. There is another school of painting known for its portraiture of Radha and Krishna. This style is from Kishangarh. Hadoti and Alwar also have unique styles of painting that are very popular. Phad paintings are depiction of folk art on cloth, usually depicting the deeds of a heroic figure. Phada paintings are considered sacred and work on them is begun after performing certain ceremonies. Vegetable and mineral dyes are used for painting.

Shopping For Jewellery

Bangles of Rajasthan, particularly those made from Lac, are quite popular with women for their colourful appeal. Jaipur and Jodhpur are known for their glass bangles. Thewa is style of making jewellery with glass and gold that is unique to Rajasthan. Kundan (precious stones set in gold) and Minakari (enamelled jewellery) are available in Jaipur. Nathdwara also has a tradition of making enamelled jewellery.

Shopping For Textiles

Rajasthan is famous for its hand block printing and tie & dye fabrics. These are reproduced on fabrics for dress materials, saris as well as furnishings. Quilting and Zari embroidery are also specialities of Rajasthan and are easily available in Jaipur.

Shopping For Furniture, Pottery And Metal Ware

The art of making glazed blue pottery was brought down to Jaipur from Persia. This art form is unique because it uses crushed quartz in lace of clay. The colours are achieved from cobalt oxide (blue) and copper oxide (green).

For handcrafted, beautifully carved furniture, Barmer and Jodhpur are the places to visit. Shekhawati and Kishangarh are also known for beautiful furniture. Apart from furniture, small carved items that can be easily carried include boxes, stools, picture frames, mirrors, and small tables and chairs.

The metal ware of Rajasthan includes filigree silver that is as exquisite as fine lace, silverware for the table and furniture, spice bottles and even scabbards of daggers and swords. Similarly, carved and beautifully painted brass items like birds, animals, statues and vases are also a beautiful addition to the home's interiors.

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