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Junagarh Fort Bikaner

Junagarh Fort Is One Of The Unconquered Forts of Rajasthan. A Beautiful Amalgamation Of Several Architectural Styles, Junagarh Fort Is A Must See For Its 37 Palaces And Temples.

The Junagarh Fort is a legacy of Raja Rai Singhji, who was the sixth ruler of Bikaner, from 1571 AD to 1612 AD. He was a contemporary of Emperor Akbar and held a very high rank in the court.

One of the few Forts in Rajasthan not built on the top of a hill, it is an imposing structure nevertheless and has been an unconquered Fort. Only once, Kamaran captured the Fort, for a mere 24 hours! As a trusted military commander of Akbar, Raja Rai Singhji was granted fields of Gujarat and Burhanpur. He was well travelled and imbibed the art and architecture forms of the various lands that he went to. The influence of all these is clearly visible in the Junagarh Fort, made of red sandstone.

There are a number of buildings within the complex that are well worth a visit. 37 palaces, pavilions as well temples, built by several subsequent rulers, are now a tourist's delight. The fort is surrounded by a moat and has high walls. The important buildings inside the Fort are the Suraj Pol, Karan Mahal that was built to celebrate the victory over Aurangzeb, Durga Niwas, Lal Niwas, Anup Mahal from where the rulers governed the state, Chandra Mahal or Moon Palace that is decorated with carved marble panels, paintings and mirrors, Phul Mahal or Flower Palace and the Fort Museum. The museum is known for its collection of stunning jewellery, illuminated manuscripts, jars, exquisite carpets, arms and weapons, treaties, military decorations and the 'Farmans'.

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